Question: Why should I trust you?

We are both licensed real estate professionals in the state of Michigan.  We belong to the Michigan board of Realtors, which requires us to operate by the Realtors' Code of Ethics.  Operating in a lesser fashion could result in losing our licenses, but more importantly, losing the trust and integrity we have built in the area. 

Question: What is your cost to evaluate my home?

Nothing!  We do not charge you a fee.  We will give you our best offer and it is your decision to accept or reject it.  No strings attached.

Question: What if my house needs repairs?

We have purchased homes that have required extensive remodeling.  Some examples would be homes that need new kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, roofs, furnaces, windows, sewer lines, foundation repairs, etc.  We have purchased hoarder homes, water damaged homes, etc.

Question: Will you buy other types of real estate besides houses?

YES!  We will consider land, multifamily houses, townhouses, condominiums, apartment buildings, self storage, commercial buildings, pretty much anything that could be considered 'real estate'.

Question: How do you determine an offer?

We will gather important information from you pertaining to your house.  This includes the style of house (ranch, 2-story, etc), number of bedrooms and bathrooms, type of foundation, location, and the type of repairs needed.  Each home is unique, so each has to be evaluated accordingly.

Question: Are you just another realtor who wants to list my house?

No.  We can offer that service as well, but we prefer to buy your home from you directly.  This allows you to avoid costly and time consuming home repairs, and the hassle of working with realtors, their commissions, dealing with bank appraisers and the whole buyer's lender process which can take up to 60 days from the acceptance of an offer to closing.

Question: My home is on the city's radar.  Can I still sell to you?

Yes!  If the city is rendering fines to you, or has revoked your occupancy status, that is not a problem.  After we purchase your home, we will take over the hassle of dealing with the city.

Question: What do you do with my house once you buy it?

We will most likely either update and resell it, or update and make it a rental property.  We enjoy the remodeling process the most.  It adds value back into the local community that we both grew up in!